Corporate Profile

Azikel Group is a fast-growing conglomerate. It comprises Azikel Air, Azikel Dredging, Azikel Construction, Azikel Petroleum and Azikel Farms.

The story of the Group, which is currently the largest indigenous corporate organization in Bayelsa State, Nigeria, begins with a foray into the business of sand supply as a fulfillment of the need for sand for upgrading the challenging terrain of the Niger Delta, being an area that is constantly undergoing rapid infrastructural development.

Azikel’s business model at that time was to purchase sand from local suppliers in bulk and resell to contractors. Progress came in the business of sand supply with the need to lease dredgers (needed for the stockpiling of sand for sale to individual suppliers and contractors). In 2008, Azikel Dredging Nigeria limited was incorporated for the services of dredging, reclamation, sand filing, haulage and heavy duty equipment leasing, with the headquarters located at the ultra-modern Operational Base facility at Azikel Close, Obogoro (across Swali Market/Ekoli Bridge), Yenagoa in Bayelsa State. In 2009 Azikel Dredging was assesed internationally and was rated by CMC International as a company of AAB status

Based on the success of Azikel Dredging, the company’s President, Dr Eruani Azibapu Godbless, saw it fit to expand operations into other ventures. As a result, Azikel now operates a private charter Airline (Azikel Air), and also has investments in agriculture, petroleum and construction.